Heiko Voss

3:30 Minutes To Live

Imara • 2022

The older ones remember anyway, the younger ones maybe not necessarily: Heiko Voss was one of the most influential figures of the minimal techno scene in the 2000s. Around the Belgisches Viertel in Cologne and the resident Kompakt label, a scene emerged at that time that was celebrated worldwide under the label »Sound Of Cologne«. With his alliance partner Thomas Schaeben, they were not only hot as the duo Schaeben & Voss, but also as label operators. In London at that time they were asked: Do you know »firm«-label?Yes, I do. In addition, there was always the solo work of Heiko Voss. And that’s where the party beast shone as a soulful electro-pop arranger. With »I Think About You« or the album »Two Sides«, those who had just raved for two days at the weekend also felt understood and in good hands at their workplace in the agency. To cut a long story short: So after a break of almost ten years, music is finally back. And the album »3:30 Minutes To Live« already tells you with its title where the journey is going: 3:30 minutes – the perfect pop song. As a child of the eighties, Voss turns to such grandees as Prince, Bowie and Hall&Oates. A fluffy, simple, sometimes even camp pop sound emerges, which can still tell of the temptations of the night – but is now a little more tamed and mature. Nevertheless, the fun is not neglected. If you don’t understand the codes of »Follow Your Line«, you need to go back to the party tutoring.