Horace Andy

In The Light

17 North Parade • 2016

Why not do it like Horace Andy Reggae’s finest falsetto called for a vote of confidence right at the beginning of his record »In the Light« by asking »Do You Love My Music?«. What followed was a prelude reminding the listener more of Marvin Gaye during »Let’s Get It On« than of typical roots reggae, which in return filled all the remaining tracks on the record. And still, Horace Andy always knew how to break out of his virtuous performances of laid back orthodoxy, for example by choosing insanely chromatic changes of harmonies or adding an open-minded sensitivity for pop, like on »If I«. However, his songs’ message is much more down to earth, giving this mixture its interesting flavor. Like Horace Andy’s classic, the record comes with its twin brother »In the Light Dub« (You can find the LP at Then, King Jammy (who upgraded himself from ‘Prince’) takes over and shreds the material by every trick in the book. Drums and basslines come across even heavier, while the vocals and the rest of the instruments are given just enough space in order to be generously redressed in echo and reverberation. These two records are damn strong on their own. However, in combination, they unfold their true potential.