Horace Andy

Midnight Scorchers

On-U Sound • 2022

After the »Midnight Rockers« come the »Midnight Scorchers«. So it’s going to be hot. After his massive springtime album, Horace Andy now follows it up with a record of versions.  Not necessarily recognisable as such at first glance, the first title of the »Rockers« album, »This Must Be Hell«, is now called »Hell and Back« in the dub version of the »Scorchers« and closes the new album.  Conversely, the first version on it, »Come After Midnight«, is a rewrite of »Try Love« that has also been turned pretty much upside down in terms of arrangement.  While listening to the album, it becomes at some point clear which original the other numbers belong to. Adrian Sherwood, who primarily explored the untapped potential of the album or rather untapped approaches to it with Horace Andy, is responsible for the production this time as well. The current version of Horacy Andy’s cover version of the Massive Attack hit »Safe From Harm«, this time under the title »Midnight Scorcher«, also features a toasting interlude.  In any event:  Horace Andy’s fellow musicians Lone Ranger and Daddy Freddy supported him sporadically on the microphone, without usurping the old master’s performance.  While in previous years he was perhaps relegated a little too much to the role of guest singer with Massive Attack, this year makes up for it twice as much.  A very pleasing affair for all involved, listeners included.