Hudson Mohawke

Hudson’s Heeters Vol.1

Warp Records • 2021

»This is hip-hop that sounds like you’ve been dreaming of listening to hip-hop,« someone once commented under a Hudson Mohawke track over a decade ago. Yes, ever since Ross Birchard made his demos from the nursery production facility available to the world via MySpace in 2006 as the beat tape »Hudson’s Heeters Vol.1«, colleagues, journalists and fans have tried to describe exactly what kind of music the pale geek from Glasgow is making. Would you like a selection? Glitch-hop, aquacrunk, polyfolk dance, fantasy metal. In other words, HudMo did nothing else at the beginning of the 2000s than create a blinkered smorgasbord of hip-hop in a series of bedroom revolucers such as Flying Lotus, Dorian Concept or Burial, Electronica and the dynamic insignia of British rave culture, which 15 years later can be read as the trigger for much that is welcome (»Yeezus«, WeDidIt, Hyperpop), but also much that can be dispensed with (»Harlem Shake«, Skrillex, EDM-Trap). Perhaps even the beat has been rediscovered here. For the debut »Hudson’s Heeters Vol.1« was not just the self-made Lego brick wall-of-sound of a sample-playing child, but the beginning of the post-genre age, yes, somehow also a streaming product before it was called that. As the youngest British DMC champion, Hudson Mohawke in his day brought together the perspective of a classic hip-hop DJ with turntablism techniques and programmed beats on these 15 ADHS instrumentals, breaking it down to the electro hipsters that hip-hop is the mother of their groove and declaring Happy Hardcore a cool connoisseur genre. The over-sugared Playmobil tunes are beginning to show the first signs of zeitgeist, but anarchy never really goes out of fashion. No one could have known that the guy would eventually only produce Ballermann-Trap.