Janelle Monáe

The Age Of Pleasure

Atlantic • 2023

»I’m looking at a thousand versions of myself, and they’re all fine as fuck«. Janelle Monáe has said goodbye to their futurism and is plunging headlong into the present. »The Age Of Pleasure« is the American musician’s fourth studio album and it literally leaves you wanting more: »Baby, if you pay me in pleasure, imma keep you coming forever,« they sing on »Paid in Pleasure«. Fourteen songs that will bring you closer to orgasm than ever before. The tracks cling to each other like bodies in the video for the single »Lipstick Lover«. The fact that »The Age Of Pleasure« is being released just in time for Pride month cannot be a coincidence. If lust had a sound, then it would be Monáe’s soulful voice, which from »Float« to »A Dry Red« slowly strips away the patriarchy and invites everyone to the »Water Slide«. Janelle Monáe is not only creating a playground, but also a safe space. Janelle Monáe’s album is a big sex-positive party, celebrating its role: »Of course we struggle, but even in the midst of struggle we take time to find joy,« Monáe says in an interview. If listening to »The Age of Pleasure« doesn’t at least psyche you up a little, then you should quickly make friends with Monáe’s »Champagne Shit«.