Jessy Lanza

Love Halucination

Hyperdub • 2023

A small celebration for Jessy Lanza: her début album »Pull My Hair Back«, released ten years ago, was the biggest pop moment to date for Hyperdub, the label that made it big with dubstep. Now on her fourth album, Jessy Lanza hasn’t changed the parameters of her music too much. Her records have always had a classic LP length of around 40 minutes, and she also prefers traditional song lengths. Stylistically, she sticks to her signature blend of artificially and lightly spiked R&B and synth-pop, to which her bright, delicate voice is perfectly suited.  

»Love Hallucination« kicks off with a confident, energetic message with her single »Don’t Leave Me Now«. You should dance to it. Which we certainly will. Quieter quasi-soul ballads are followed by more dance floor numbers like »Limbo«, complete with a carefully controlled built-in boogie chorus. Jessy Lanza uses details like this to show her willingness to push her personal boundaries even further. This also applies to the lyrics, which are more explicit than before. None of this may come as a real surprise at this point, but her determination to keep moving is enough to make the affair feel fresh in a familiar way. Perhaps her most mature album to date. In a positive sense.