Hyperdub Recordings

Hyperdub Recordings is a London-based record label, founded in 2004 by Steve Goodman. »Hyperdub is a mutation of British electronic music, infected by Jamaican soundsystem culture: from dub and reggae, through jungle, right up to grime, dubstep and funky«, explained Steve Goodman (aka Kode9) in an interview with The Guardian. In his mind Hyperdub is less a record label rather than a virus. This also explains how the releases of the label from Burial, Kode9 & the Spaceape, Ikonika, to Darkstar, Hype Williams and Cooly G) spread in recent years and shaped our imaginations of dubstep and on bass based dancing music. Hyperdub started in 2001 as a web magazine that dealt with the Jamaican influence on electronic music in Great Britain (dub, reggae, jungle, grime, UK funky). In an interview with Kevin Martin (aka The Bug), that Goodman conducted for XL8R, the musician encouraged the reporter to give his productions a platform.