Rough Trade • 2023

The resounding success of their debut album »I Love You Jennifer B« catapulted Jockstrap into the ranks of last year’s most exciting new artists and even earned the London duo a Mercury Prize nomination. So it makes sense that the follow-up, full of self-produced remixes, is called »I<3UQTINVU« (pronounced »I Love You Cutie, I Envy You«). With a handful of rap features from the likes of Babymarocco, Coby Sey and Ian Starr, Taylor Skye, the producer half of the duo, takes the almost celebrated clash of musical opposites to the extreme. Although recognisable elements of the original material are present, there is no attempt to recreate the mood of the originals. Instead, the nine remixes aim to break up the fragile, melodic parts as much as possible, or put them up against brute beats to great effect. This can be irritating and even annoying at times, but it can also be incredibly fascinating and mark the turn-off to the next club run. On »I<3UQTINVU« the sonic palette shines in all the colours of the neon rainbow, playfully blending and mixing with great joy in experimentation.