Kassem Mosse


Honest Jon's • 2016

Something has changed with Kassem Mosse – at least, when comparing his releases on Workshop (which helped shaping the Leipzig-based musician’s reputation) with his latest ones on Honest Jon’s It already becomes obvious when looking at the 12" »Chilazon«, which was released in August. Most obvious is the fact that the tracks have actual names now. They sound like seemingly academic terms, such as »Chilazon« or »Lanthanum«. On his latest record »Disclosure«, they are called »Aluminosillicate Mirrors« or »Molecular Memories«. It’s this step away from the puzzling towards the concealing, from searching towards finding (and hiding), that the music retraces, too. More and more, incomprehensibility turns into the initial point of listening. Even on the 12" preceding »Disclosure«, it became harder to recognize the groove from the track »Chilazon, Pt.1« to »Chilazon, Pt.2«. »Disclosure« starts where »Chilazon, Pt.2« ended: workshop-releases made of study-room house (to which it was easy to switch between intellectual debates and the dancefloor) have arrived at the laboratory. Kassem Mosse is going for academic consecrations. His music is like looking at twice broken crystals through a phase contrast microscope: The light changes, colors change, shapes change – every glimpse offers something completely new. Little by little, the sounds change towards a complex whole. One could say that something falls into place. »Disclosure« demands engagement. As a listener, you have to explore the groove by cautiously approaching it. The record wants to be conquered. Not suitable for quick consumption.