Ich Sehe Vasen

The Trilogy Tapes • 2023

What does »artist talk« sound like? When it comes to the Leipzig duo MM/KM, it doesn’t even need words. Seemingly aimless fragments of synth melody and a dash of rhythmically flexible percussion are all that is needed. On **_»Ich sehe Vasen«_**, MM aka **Mix Mup** aka Lorenz Lindner and KM aka **Kassem Mosse** aka Gunnar Wendel have come together for the third time since 2012. MM works as a visual artist, so he knows from experience what he is talking about, albeit in tones. Both use their house as a working base to explore various parameters to different extents that are wonderful to play around with. Consider »Konstantes Gravieren«, with its stoic beat and glassy, meandering melody adorned with various splashes and slippery accents. Elsewhere, the beat only gives a slight sense of spatial orientation. On »Himmel ohne Himmel«, for instance, a soft clatter in the background creates accents over which lost glissandi drift. This arty, post-club music seems both timeless and contemporary, as it relentlessly pursues its own unique sound. It is also easy to make friends with and has substance. There is absolutely no need to fear it, but it does require some patience and goodwill. Then you will be generously rewarded.