Kate NV


RVNG Intl. • 2023

Sounds are there to be played. Beyond the truism that music should always be played, whether by humans or machines, this phrase is clearly programmatic for Kate Shilonosova aka Kate NV. For her, playing does not only mean interpreting, but also playing around, making the ludic aspect of working with sounds one of her central concerns. As the title »WOW« suggests, Kate NV opens this album by marvelling at the material she finds. In her case, these are the »Broken Orchestra« samples made available again online for a remix project by the musician’s organisation Found Sound Nation, which she then tweaks to the extreme in the company of buoyant synthesiser and drum machine sounds. She seems to approach things with childlike curiosity, making the results seem as if she has discovered orchestral sounds and other things for the first time and processed them with an open mind into friendly chirping, squeaking and beeping miniatures. The supposedly naïve world that opens up is not, primarily, as naïve as it pretends to be. Secondly, it fits in with the more serious concern that is associated with the record. The label and Russian artist donate part of the proceeds to the War Child initiative, which provides help for children in war zones.