Khan Jamal


Jazz Room • 1984

Composer Khan Jamal has not only been instrumental in the revival of the vibraphone in jazz, but is also known for his fusion of African musical cultures and the blues tradition. From 1972 until shortly before his death in 2022, Jamal contributed to over 40 jazz productions and played regularly with Sunny Murray, Sun Ra, Don Pullen and Gary Bartz, among others, as part of the New York loft jazz scene. 

First released in 1884, »Infinity« was re-released almost 40 years later in 2021 by London-based Jazz Room Records. On it, Jamal combines timeless jazz and avant-garde sound elements with authentic soul rhythms. Beginning with the piece »Nubian Queen«, Jamal’s playful marimba introduces the album with a variety of rich accents and interludes. Despite his experience as an improviser, the musician always lends the album an accessible, almost reassuring note with his vibraphone.  

With Lancaster’s gently sloping alto sax flourishes, the title track »Infinity« stands out as one of the album’s highlights. Another is the final piece, »The Angry Young Man«, composed by pianist Sammu, whose emotionally charged acid jazz dynamics provide an exciting contrast to the work as a whole. This long sought-after jazz gem, characterised by an endless interplay of tranquillity and vibrancy, is now available on re-release.