Kim Gordon

The Collective

Matador • 2024

»On this record I wanted to express the absolute madness I feel around me right now.« So far, so good. Kim Gordon unleashes »psychedelic orgasms« on her »Tree House« and bids the world »BYE BYE«. What does that mean? Exactly that. And nothing, which can mean everything. An album that begins with a farewell can’t promise too much: The truth is no longer available, everyone has their own little opinionated niche in which they hide, and somehow everything runs its course in a strange paranoia that everyone gets a bit hot about at the same time. The former Sonic Youth singer sets the bar very high with this. But that’s what she wants: »It made me want to contradict, to follow something unknown, maybe even fail«. Between dream, intoxication and the internet, »The Collective« flits around, deconstructing genres and trap-dubbing its way through eleven tracks while Kim screams between the lines. The singer, who turns seventy-one this year, once again shows her ability to absorb the Zeitgeist and sublimate it into psychedelic mantras—chapeau!