All City Dublin • 2013

This guy is a damn worcaholic – he virtually doesn’t let a month pass without releasing a new tape, a record, a new collection or one of his EPs. Knxwledge from New Jersey is one of the less well-known beat-smiths and would actually fit in well at the opposite coast of the U.S. His record »Kauliflowr« should be placed next to Teebs or Flying Lotus on your shelf, even though Knxwledge doesn’t quite reach their depth, yet. Other than that, tracks like »Ovrkookies« and »Rekon« are right up there with the front runners of glitch-hop. What makes this record special is its timelessness: You’ll find moments like in »Sew Into Yew«, when the guitar slaves away under the rhythm, before the rhythm tips it all over and makes the whole track run into a different direction. Knxwledge knows how to play the game, knows how to keep his listeners sweet. Maybe »Kauliflowr« would work even better if it had a little more structure, a little more of a concept to it. This way, it still floats along respectably, but floods the banks every now and then without any reason. It’s still crystal clear after listening to »Kauliflowr« that Knxwledge knows his craft and that he rather feels than thinks his music. Despite his diligence, he’s not quite top of the class yet – but he has earned quite a few stars for his sticker book.