Koma Saxo

Post Koma

We Jazz • 2023

Koma Saxo is like pastries, according to its promo blurb at least. One could list all members of the ensemble lead by Petter Eldh. But that would be »like saying that a cake includes flour and sugar.« Weird metaphor for an advertising text. Let’s indulge it. A dessert acquires its taste in the interaction of its ingredients. Once it has left the oven, no one will try to isolate the specific note of wheat. One should bear something like that in mind when listening to Koma Saxo. Engage the whole! Indeed, their new album »Post Koma« offers an impressively diverse mixture. Its organic basis consists in Free Jazz. Funk, electronic samples, and a pinch of musique nouvelle are supposed to make it pop. These ingredients are mixed with production techniques fitting for Hip Hop. »Post Koma« is confected with exquisite means only. But does the baking recipe match those high standards? Unfortunately, no. »Post Koma« consists of great ideas it hardly develops. The promo itself concedes that Koma Saxo »never second-guesses throwing tasty hooks and everlasting melodies out the window after a mere bite of them«. Its many ingredients overlap in a way that doesn’t allow their strengths to unfold. This eclecticism makes »Post Koma« a friable experience. Yet, I have burned enough cakes to know: Koma Saxo’s next offering might as well be a culinary delight.