KonstruKt & Peter Brötzmann


Karlrecords • 2022

»Dolunay« was originally released in 2011, on a small label called Re:konstruKt, which is described as an »Improvised Music Label« on its Discogs page. The improvisers presumably come from the Turkish free music collective konstruKt, which invited free jazz musician Peter Brötzmann to Istanbul in 2008 to record these six extremely challenging pieces. Everything and nothing can be said quickly about the music: Brötzmann’s associative saxophone playing drowns out the rest of the instrumentation when it rebels, leads it nimbly and playfully from quiet phases to climax and, if it must, willingly loses itself in the chaos that konstruKt engineers. All these facets are accommodated in the almost eleven-minute »Siyah«, probably the strongest piece on the record. »Kurtlar«, on the other hand, stutters deliberately at the beginning, the percussion capers make you think of marching music at times, the rigid character of which is counteracted by Brötzmann, whose playing sounds like a crying baby here. The four members of konstruKt play drums, various other percussion, wind instruments and a guitar. A bass is missing, but it would probably do too much damage in view of the confusion that breaks loose just after the halfway point on »Kurtlar«. »Dolunay« is a rousing and hard-to-digest four-on-one that oscillates between effortful ambient and free-spirited noise, finely orchestrated by Peter Brötzmann’s saxophone.