Brainfeeder • 2015

In the past few years, Stuart Howard a.k.a. Lapalux has proven his musical development through several releases on Brainfeeder. On »Lustmore«, Lapalux is once again twisting and spooling spectra of sounds in a field of tension between melodies and melancholy. He embellishes his normal beatmaker-business by borrowing stylistic components from electronica, pop and hip hop. The result either echoes into the atmosphere as a profuse cosmos of funk, like on »Push N’ Spun«, or lures you into a psychedelic beat-buzz, like it’s done on »Someone«. Lapalux always proves his sure instinct for the right measure. When the jazzy beat structure sporadically turns into discreet brostep-basslines, as it does on »Don’t Mean A Thing«, he knows exactly how far he can go without leaving his listeners’ comfort zone. Szjerdene’s vocal support gives the track »Closure« a sprinkle of r’n’b-kitsch, tilting towards pop-courtesy, without slipping into triviality. Andreya Triana, yet another old acquaintance from the Brainfeeder-camp, uses her tender voice – reminding the listener of Erykah Badu – to breathe life into »Puzzle«. In general, »Lustmore« doesn’t get as lost in wonky knots as the previous »Nostalchic« did. This one is a bit more lineal. And even though the multi-faceted collection seems to run out of breath at times towards the end, as it happens on »1004«, Lapalux still consolidates his very own musical identity – so let’s not merely analyze it, and instead lean back and enjoy it.