Linda Smith

I So Liked Spring

Captured Tracks • 1996

Imagine the feeling of opening your windows to let the sun-kissed breeze in, as the warmth of spring chases away the lingering chill of winter. Summer is just around the corner. That, or something like it, describes the feeling Linda Smith exudes when she sings about yesterday and whispers into tomorrow, »I So Liked Spring«. And you believe her. The Baltimore singer-songwriter is considered a pioneer of home recording. Today, the technology is more advanced, but the melancholy is still looking back. Almost thirty years back, to be precise. »I So Liked Spring« takes us back to 1996. The album is dedicated to the English poet Charlotte Mew, whose poems Smith found both clever and challenging: »There were no obvious verses or choruses, and that meant I had to find another way of putting melody and rhythm together from the lines of the poem«. Linda Smith creates a daydream leaning out of her bedroom window. The lyrics make the performance completely unpredictable. Perhaps a little like April, squeezed between March and May: Between spring and summer, the unpredictable squeezes in. It washes away the last remnants of winter »From A Window«.