Airglow Fires 12"

R&S Records • 2013

»Welcome to ADS-Wonderland« is what you’ll happily want to say to yourself when enfolding Lone’s catalog in front of you. Lone is the fidgeter amongst the producers; on his last releases, he jumped like a mad man between HipHop, house and rave. His new 12inch, however, is like a distillate from »Emerald Fantasy Tracks« and »Galaxy Garden«: It is the best – because most focused – thing that Lone has released in years. Especially the a-side… I mean… Oh my god, the a-side! »Airglow Fires« shoots from zero to 120bpm alongside brightly glowing synths in the open. What makes the song so special is the mix between 80s-»rawness« and spacy glamor-house. Juicy synth-pads and xylophone are spraying all over blunt kick drums and a tiny vocal-sample. Lone keeps breathing fire into »Airglow Fires« until sweat drips from the track, and then he wrings it out for a full minute. He drips into the b-side. The b-side pours itself a fresh drink, gets the panpipe out and starts to end the rave with earthy percussion, a warm bass line and lots of love for Chicago-House. There are two exclamations to be made about this record: Buy it! And then get yourself wasted with it!