Lord Spikeheart

The Adept

Haekalu • 2024

Perhaps, a new genre was born in August of 2020. Back then, Kenyan band Duma released their first and last album. Combining Grindcore and electronic music wasn’t exactly novel. But, to my knowledge, there wasn’t any other band that did Extreme metal by electronic means of African provenance systematically. Four years later, Duma have outgrown each other. Yet, their singer, Lord Spikeheart, still claws at their bloody origins. After his collaboration with Elvin Brandhi left me shell-shocked last year, I am now re-traumatized by Spikeheart’s solo debut. Compared to its »predecessors«, »The Adept« takes more inspiration from Metal. Its closest equivalent might be Full of Hell intercepting a rave. Or more like Pharmakon covering Napalm Death? As if Anaal Nathrak would employ Harsh Noise legend Masonna? »The Adept« hardly has any peers. Alas, it is held back by disjointed songwriting. »33rd Degree Access«, for instance, puts forth a Rap by Backxwash, only to lose itself in a sequence of Grindcore shrieks, breakbeats, and Power electronics. It’s a montage of fragments, devoid of resolute development of its motifs. This marks a pattern that’s repeated throughout the album. Of course, »The Adept« wants to overwhelm its audience – and loses them that way. If you’re eying for a fresh start in Extreme Metal, you nevertheless might want to check this out. When all is said and done, »The Adept« is inspiring