Lucrecia Dalt

OST The Seed

Invada • 2022

The seed of the uncanny – Lucrecia Dalt has been juggling with various sound effects and the listener’s emotions since she started her musical career. With her multi-layered, mystical instrumentations, whether on the predecessors »Anticlines« or »No era sólida«, Lucrecia Dalt makes sound narratives experienceable in the form of immersive moments. It’s no wonder that the Colombian artist with a penchant, or rather sound, for the uncanny and supernatural recently produced her first soundtrack for the horror film »The Seed« (and, incidentally, immediately followed up with another for the gripping horror-comedy series »The Baby«). »The Seed«, the directorial debut of Sam Walker, tells the blood-curdling holiday story of three millennials who just want to relax in the Mojave Desert, but are then harassed by an evil alien in the pool. Okay, Boomer. What is dramatically staged as an influencer cringe turns out to be a surreal, melodic sci-fi story à la Jodorowsky meets Louise Bourgeois with Lucrecia Dalt’s musical accompaniment. Whether lurking, monstrous synth-bodies in »Venutian Offspring«, the distorted road trip sound metaphor in »No One Around« or the harmlessly advancing rhythms on »Anabolic Alien« that slowly transition into a menacing siren, Lucrecia Dalt’s twenty-six tracks play with the ambiguity hidden in sound associations of the alien and the earthly. At the same time, the tracks pay tribute to earlier film music and the legendary BBC Radiophonic Workshop. With the uncanny as an aesthetic principle being repeatedly tested thereby in liminal sound spaces.