Mark Pritchard

Ghosts EP

Warp • 2013

For the first time in his electronic music producing-career of twenty years, Mark Pritchard is releasing a record under his own name. That’s quite remarkable, considering that even Wikipedia knows 23 different pseudonyms and projects (like Africa Hitech, Harmonic 313, Global Communication) under which the British-born musician has produced music since 1991. Hence it’s worth a close listen when Mark Pritchard, who now lives in Sydney, comes forward with his actual name. The music on »Ghosts EP« combines ideas from all Pritchard’s previous aliases. For example, »Manabadman« combines footwork and dancehall in the most gainful way for both genres. On top of it, Spikey Tee toasts away, giving the track a relaxed Caribbean flair. It works well without any vocals, too, as the end of the EP proves. Contrasting the other tracks, almost off the cuff, Pritchard throws out a bassy club-banger with »Ghosts«. He pretty much knows all the ingredients to any genre. He uses his spices sparingly and knows how to arrange the meal in the end. In »Duppies« Pritchard does another u-turn, this time towards drum’n’bass. He adds a few dub-sounds and with the right amount of samples he’s done. At least that’s what you think, until the cymbal sets in in the last third and the track gets a whole new vitality. All that’s missing is a whiff of electro-funk and some kind of hip hop vibe, until we hear exactly that on »Get Wyld«. Mark Pritchard presents his versatility – in the end, it’s hard to decide whether to worship his bragging or curse his virtuosity…