Matthew Halsall

An Ever Changing View

Gondwana • 2023

I think music has to be disruptive to make a difference. Well thank you, Hans-Peter, we find that really fascinating! Unfortunately, what is just said is a load of rubbish, because nobody likes anything that’s disruptive, especially the people who make disruptive music, they’re the worst. So it’s always nice to see someone who isn’t too shy to hang a microphone out the window when someone else is busy playing the harp or fiddling with one of those little jingling things. Matthew Halsall, Gondwana guide and trumpeter, is one such person. He literally loves to search for rattles in the esoteric shop, as he does on his new record »An Ever Changing View«. Afterwards, people will say: »That was real sound exploration«. The step into your own »sound universe« is never too far away. But you have to tread carefully. Otherwise you risk falling back into making »deeply meditative music« again. And in the end, everyone will fall asleep. Fortunately, that’s never the case with Matthew Halsall. This Englishman is more into making music that makes it easier to get up in the morning. So you can enjoy »An Ever Changing View« while you think about more important things like that annoying mosquito last night or Hans-Peter over your first pumpkin spice latte of the day.