Misha Panfilov

In Focus

Jazzaggression • 2023

Some albums have the ability to acoustically underscore a variety of settings, while at the same time lulling the moment and the music into perfect harmony. It’s all about capturing the emotions with the right tonal finesse. Perhaps this is the undeniable art of jazz, or perhaps it is simply Misha Panfilov and his latest release. »In Focus« is just such an album, flowing like a river, moved by dozens of instrumental sounds that acoustically touch the emotions the moment you hear them. The Estonian-born musician has already demonstrated his talent for creating captivating jazz melodies on his previous productions, and on »In Focus« he shows it once again. The 14 tracks reveal a broad spectrum of rhythmic diversity. Misha Panfilov creates a symbiosis of typical jazz improvisation and conscious creative systematics, discreet and cautious, but with a resolute determination about the next sound sequences. There are also familiar retro sounds that Misha Panfilov adds electronic accents to, making them feel somehow new. In the end, it is the beats and synths that give the record its groove. »In Focus« was created as part of the »New Library Series« on the Finnish record label »Jazzaggression«. It is the third album in this cross-genre catalogue into which Misha Panfilov wonderfully blends sonic new-old contrasts.