Mount Kimbie

The Sunset Violent

Warp • 2024

In 2010, Mount Kimbie released their début album »Crooks & Lovers« on Scuba’s Hotflush Recordings label. Since this feat, the duo have been credited with pushing dubstep and bass music into new, uncharted territory, while making the necessary concessions to pop. In fact, after a few listens, »Crooks & Lovers« doesn’t sound as experimental and original as many would like to believe. It’s true that, back then, Mount Kimbie were more determined to pursue their indie roots through the haze of predominantly British club music. However, on their current album, they’re not too far away from their original sound. 

Instead, »The Sunset Violent« marks the end of a consistent musical development that was decisively advanced by »Cold Spring Fault Less Youth« in 2013. It features unmistakable pop melodies, which marks a musical evolution, but not a revolution or, to put it bluntly, a self-denial. In a way, Mount Kimbie went from indie disco to indie disco, just under different circumstances. Songs like »Empty & Silent«, with long-time collaborator King Krule, or the opener »The Trail« perfectly suit the moment, but could also have been created 14 years ago. The fact that guitars are now taking the place of synthesizers and drum computers is not a change in the language of form, only in the means. Although, admittedly, the perfect radio pop of »Dumb Guitar« or »Shipwreck« almost sounds like a new beginning.