Nadia Struiwigh

Birds Of Paradise

Dekmantel • 2023

As free as the birds in paradise, Nadia Struiwigh does not allow herself to be restricted by supposed genre rules on her new album of the same name. »Birds Of Paradise« combines sound elements from electro, techno, ambient and jungle and manages to create a harmonious and coherent overall picture despite all the contrasts. The Dutchwoman’s musical style is often characterised by atmospheric soundscapes and experimental sounds, and Struiwigh’s opener »Shadow On The Left« does not disappoint. Beginning with futuristic, sci-fi-like sounds, the first and longest track on the record manages to create a tension-building atmosphere, which is intensified as the beat progresses with bleeps of varying heights and shrillness. »Rainbrain«, on the other hand, radiates a meditative calm, with rainforest sounds and ripples creating an incredible sense of closeness to nature. The dubby downtempo of »cmmn cmmn«, on the other hand, is less soothing and more stormy and bubbling. In between, the track could also provide the perfect musical accompaniment to a fast-paced car chase. An emotional listening experience for those who enjoy following Nadia Struiwigh’s passion for the sounds and styles that have shaped her musical path.