Virtual Insanity / The World Is A Ghetto

Urban Discos • 2023

n less than ten minutes, the Japanese band Nautilus proves that they are one of the most exciting groove acts on the planet right now with their single of »Virtual Insanity«. Jazz, soul, rock and funk fuse to create a unique sound that is driven by rhythm more than anything else. Their approach is similar to Jamiroquai’s original approach, but they take the casual depth of the song and replace it with speed. More ecstasy, less eccentricity. The vocals by Mizuki Kamata and the piano harmonies ultimately give the cover its pop undertone. On the B-side, the cover of »The World Is A Ghetto« is instrumental and more stripped back. Nautilus has cut the ten-minute track by the American band War down to just under four minutes – and the song is barely recognisable in its new compact format. Groove and bass are there, but the sprawling, shifting accents are almost entirely absent from Nautilus. While »Virtual Insanity« moves forward with extroversion, this song turns in on itself. Nevertheless, it is still unmistakably the sound of Nautilus, especially these two cover versions.