Organic Pulse Ensemble

Formative Stages

RR Gems • 2023

You may wonder who all the musicians are when you hear the chirping, bossa-style jazz sounds on the opening track, »Intro To Onward«. And in order not to further cloud the view of the actual work – i.e. the music aside from the concepts or witty ideas – the myth has to be buried first: The Organic Pulse Ensemble is the brainchild of Swedish multi-instrumentalist Gustav Horneij – and the band is not a band at all. Yes, everything really does come from one single source here. Skilfully arranged using loops and recording techniques and then assembled on the DAW at home, the nine tracks are the result of pure solo imagination. And the result is more than worth listening to: »Formative Stages« sounds like the LSD vision of a hippie who has been playing psychedelic jazz and Krautrock for years. A lot is happening on this album. There is strumming and drumming, and melodies and harmonies that skip half-naked across unmown meadows. A bit romantic, sometimes even really kitschy (which is meant as a compliment), but always with an eye for the instrumental narrative – the songs are never enough on their own, but want to be perceived as the great work of an ensemble. Quality instead of quantity, says the solo artist!