Warp Records • 2014

Damn! patten is really full of potential to outstrip some of his renowned label-colleagues on Warp Records And it’s only been a year since the Londoner musician released his little Picture Disc on Warp, seemingly coming out of nowhere, re-valorizing the label that has become a little too pleased with itself. And yet, pattern is only remembering what made Warp Records big in the first place: a phat production full of mad compositions with an exciting degree of haggardness, constant shiftings combined with an incredibly dense atmosphere. On his new record »Estoile Naiant«, he’s taking this concept even further. You’ll hear him reminiscing to the old Seefeel getting entangled in footwork-patterns. What he does is re-unraveling the whole post-dubstep/wonky-thing, crushing it on large synth-layers of the good ol’ IDM-era, without trying to be ‘retro’. patten is taking that part of the beatmaking-scene that hasn’t fallen asleep, yet, and shoots it through Scotty’s troubled beaming-machine. At the end of the transport, you’ll find ten mutants full of noise and groove, lots of ambient and so many levitating radicals that the ADHD-diagnoses come flying in by the second! I already got my prescription for the respective amphetamines…