Pu Poo Platter

A Chilling Winter Night

Funk Night • 2023

Other customers have also bought: Studio Ghibli, Nirvana, Daughter and Khruangbin. This list does mention several names, but says nothing at all about the band: Pu Poo Platter is the childproof alliteration nappy for coffee, cigarettes and khazi… yeah, right, well, they have a very good band name and a great surface on which to project all sorts of thoughts. And there’s nothing wrong with that when it comes to funk and soul and the vocalless and faceless spaces in between. So you spin the Pu Poo Platter and see if you can get into it, do something with it, find »A Chilling Winter Night« at least okay, like everything is okay now, but never super okay. And then you hear the second song »Ming’s Café« and you go, yeah, yeah, this is great, this is what I’ve been looking for, while sipping on a glass of organic wine from somewhere, because this is a great vibe! Maybe not at 29 degrees in an Indian summer, but you can’t blame Pu Poo Platter for that. Besides, the record isn’t called »Late Summer Heat«, it’s called »A Chilling Winter Night«. That still has to come. At some point, anyway. Or perhaps never. Until that day comes, you can ask yourself what you need to smoke to make you wanna put Nirvana in your shopping basket, press the checkout button and … Well, nevermind.