Rambal Cochet

Temporal Aura

Crystal Ceremony • 2023

With »Temporal Aura« the Ukrainian Rambal Cochet has the honour of ushering in the Transmigration sub-label Crystal Ceremony.  Fortunately, anyone hearing the name and thinking of Tekk events in eastern Germany is mistaken.  The opener »Welcome To Reality« immediately reveals the spherical nature of Konstantyn Isaev’s musical reality.  Here is a dreamer at work who has been listening to his trance and Spiral Tribe records from the nineties.  The beats work with organic percussion, while the melodies gently but firmly lead to the portal to the fairytale forest.   

Once inside, dizziness abruptly sets in and everything goes a little too fast as the title track unfolds its intermittent aura.  It does seem a bit like the Goa bro who looks you in the eye a bit too long at the forest-and-meadow rave, but it does its job as an accelerant excellently – especially after the vocals at about three minutes.  On »Moriah«, Isaev layers one trance ornament after another over an unusually indecisive kick that suggests a persistent state of alert, creating a restless piece that ultimately finds its well-deserved redemption in a beautiful house beat after almost five and a half minutes. »Kitaro« conclusively moves on to the mind games and lures you further towards the subwoofers, although you should have long since gone to bed, or, better said, to your tent.  Tangled festival tracks with a curve of tension that goes full circle.