Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti

Déjà Vu

Selva Discos • 2023

One of the best re-releases when it comes to Rio funk in recent years was the self-titled album by Brazilian producers Robson Jorge and Lincoln Olivetti, which was re-released in 2017. The only unfortunate thing about the record, originally released in 1982, was that it was to remain the duo’s only LP. Jorge died in 1992, Olivetti in 2015. At the time, plans were in the making for a sequel. Five of their previously unreleased tracks can now be discovered on »Déjà Vu«. On the numbers written between 1982 and 1986 there is even more boogie to be heard than on the first occasion, with the still razor-sharp brass sections occasionally being complemented by synth basses as a foundation, while a gruffly plucked electric bass is also not to be missed in the arrangement. Latin American rhythms mix just as naturally with disco as the electronic instruments do with the sounds made by hand or body. There is also a lot more singing and, in essential terms, the record is made up of songs. The energy from this 25-minute EP could easily be used to charge a lorry full of electric cars. Or make people ecstatic. The only downside to this reissue highlight of the year is that you forego the rest of the record.