Rosa Brunello

Sounds Like Freedom

Domanda Music • 2022

Improvised jazz covers a wide spectrum. Either the sound just scrapes past being easy listening or becomes completely unlistenable. At least that’s the preconception. »Sounds Like Freedom« by the Italian bassist and composer Rosa Brunello shows how little this statement is true. Together with the British musician Yazz Ahmed, Arab musician Maurice Louca and Italian drummer Marco Frattini, she created the basis for the eight songs, which were subsequently post-produced. And at no point does it sound like improvisation. Rather, Rosa Brunello guides each track in a certain direction from the start, and everything develops according to clear patterns. In »Habibi Baby« it’s almost classical instead of jazz. Over the rhythm of drums and bass, keyboard instruments and trumpet unfold a tentative melody. The »Desert Moon Stomp«, on the other hand, sounds exactly like its title with its surly tuba. Electric sounds appear here and there on the album as effects. But they are not an end in themselves, they underline, and drive the tracks forward again, like on »Furgonauta«. Over the more than thirty minutes of music, you get to listen to master musicians who create a diverse sound out of improvisation and try it out in every direction. Psychedelic and post-bop even appear on the fringes. A jazz album for everyone who wants to have a go at jazz again.