Turtle Roll

Alien Transistor • 2023

»Turtle Roll« is the new album from Saroos. Not only does it open with a track that was released in 2021, but it is also guaranteed to get your body swaying and your feet tapping. »Tin & Glass« is largely characterised by funky beats and futuristic, spaced-out sounds. Recurring, distorted robot voices and spoken vocals give the piece a character that is at once euphoric, pensive and melancholic. The three Berlin-based artists also invited a handful of guest artists to perform on their LP, including Ronald Lippok, Kiki Hitomi, Caleb Dailey and Eva Geist. The latter’s Italian vocals create a ceremonial and hypnotic atmosphere, transforming the sound of »Mutazione« into a magical sonic journey. The residue of a mysterious mood remains palpable throughout »The Sign«. This is because the whistling and howling, reminiscent of the sounds of nature, transports many a person into a trance-like state. Overall, the track stands out for its relaxing effect and sense of detachment rather than its dancefloor massaging beatscapes.