Forever Living Originals • 2023

Sault have turned the music world completely on its head once again. On 1 November 2022, they released no less than five(!) new albums, all of which were available for download free of charge for five days through a password protected link on the band’s website. An offering to God, as the band announced on social media. It was only twelve days later that the new SAULT releases – with one exception – were also released on the usual streaming services. Jesus, Mary & Joseph, has anything like this ever happened before? 

In any case, it’s as certain as an amen in a church that the albums will now be released on vinyl through Forever Living Originals. Strictly speaking, »11« is the seventh studio album from the anonymous collective from London, which more or less obviously includes the singers Cleo Sol and Kid Sister and the producer Inflo. Compared to the other four albums released at the same time »AIIR«, »Earth«, »Today & Tomorrow« and »Untitled (God)«, Sault most fittingly hark back to their origins within neo-soul, funk and Afrobeat on »11«. The bone-dry opener »Glory« demonstrates this clearly after the first few bars as do the heavenly »Higher« and uplifting ballad »Fight For Love«, thus representing three of those exemplary, timeless masterpieces of classic SAULT design, for which the band is pretty much idolised throughout the Orient and the Occident alike. Hallelujah!