Sinkane x Peaking Lights

Mean Dub EP

City Slang • 2015

It was easy to spot the reggae influences on Sinkane’s Album »Mean Love« last year. Hence, most of them were pretty much predestined to be turned into dub-remixes. And when Sinkane met Peaking Lights in the course of the Atomic Bomb/William Onyeabar-project, he had found the perfect Lee-Perry-fans for this endeavor. After all, the transformation from their record »Lucifer« to »Lucifer In Dub« was a successful one. Now, for the »Mean Dub EP«, Aaron Coyes chose two rather dub related (»Yacha« and »Galley Boys«) and two not-so-dubby tracks (»Hold Tight« und »How We Be«). Sinkane’s occasional tendency towards pop is being pleasantly foiled by echo-loops, lots of bass, cut up song structures and typical old-school effects. The originals smelling of swinging summers are being completely overhauled, cored and lengthened (the remixes are all twice as long as the originals), and yet, the tracks’ essences are not utterly refurbished or even lost. And even though this EP can’t keep up with »No Protection«, on which Mad Professor dubbed Massive Attack, but it’s still remarkable that this tradition is being kept alive. In addition, »Mean Dub« sweetens and shortens the waiting time for new releases by both acts. The fans will be happy.