Sweeping Promises

Good Living Is Coming For You

Sub Pop • 2023

Lira Mondal roars ominously about a beautiful future. Caufield Schnug beats the drums and supports the good news with lots of humming and tom-tom drums. What the pair deliver as Sweeping Promises on their second album »Good Living Is Coming For You« is thunderous bedroom punk that lacks the roaring of the NYC underground from the early 2000s.  

Following their 2019 debut album, »Hungry For a Way Out«, which unwittingly became the soundtrack to a pandemic, Sweeping Promises are now telling a different story: What sounds pleasant enough in the title becomes, from »You Shatter« onwards, an acclamation of a dystopian future. Mondal’s rock ‘n’ roll voice blends perfectly with the DIY sounds of howling guitars and crashing drums. Between the punk attitude of the Dresden Dolls and the pizzazz of the stage-smashing Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Sweeping Promises crank themselves into eerie ecstasy with »Good Living Is Coming For You«, while staying true to their own style. The Runaways of the 2020s have been selected – ten tracks later, the investment money is gone when Mondal chants out quite rightly: »Erase it away, erase it away«.