The Magnetic Fields

Love At The Bottom Of The Sea

Domino • 2012

»Realism«, the last album by the Magnetic Fields, released two years ago, signified a deep cut in the work of the band as well as in it’s mastermind Stephen Merrit’s personal life. The future of the band seemed logistically and musically uncertain with the completion of their »No-Synth«-trilogy and Merrit’s move from his beloved New York to the warmer California. »Love At The Bottom Of The Sea« can be seen as overcoming this cut. So it’s even more interesting that Merrit goes back to his 90s roots. Especially the nonchalant and technically nerdy use of naive-cranky synthesizers and drum machines remind more of »All the Umbrellas in London« than of »Distortion« or »Realism«. »Love at the bottom of the Sea« is generally less structured in its conception, but it is more a collection of songs, which could all stand by themselves – thanks to magnificent storytelling. This is what gives Merrit the righteous title of one of the best songwriters in his generation and it can all be admired on the highlight of this album, »I’ve Run Away To Join The Fairies«.