Tomasz Stanko Quintet

Wooden Music I

Astigmatic • 2023

Tomasz Stańko was the European Miles Davis. A Pole who could say more with one breath than any other jazz trumpeter in their entire life. The great Krzysztof Komeda discovered him in the early 60s. Dozens of albums have been released since then. When Tomasz Stańko died at the age of 80, he left behind miles of master tapes spread over several continents, hidden away in radio station and private studio archives, and managed by his own foundation. The Londoners from Astigmatic Records, named after one of the most successful records on which Stańko played trumpet for Komeda, have tried their luck with Radio Bremen. »Wooden Music I« is said to have been made in the early seventies. At the time, Tomasz Stańko was touring Western Europe with his chamber music band, living in German hippie communes and improvising his way through the jazz cellars every night. On 28 May 1972, the quintet drove to Iserlohn to send a jazz message from Poland. »The only thing that guided us on this musical journey was spiritual understanding, friendship and respect,« claims the troupe’s bassist. It was total improvisation – »no plan, just play«. As a result, it fiddles and plucks and jingles as if the jazz vintage had strayed into the foothills of the Alps on a chamber music retreat. The results arrive on our plate with a 50-year delay. We take a deep breath.