What An Enormous Room

Merge • 2024

»What an enormous room«—The title couldn’t be more fitting for the space Mackenzie Scott aka Torres occupies with her new album. Mixed and mastered by TJ Allen and Heba Kadry, who have already polished the sound of Bat for Lashes, Anna Calvi, Beach House and Björk, Scott delivers a musical statement that is well worth listening to. The songs, written by the multi-instrumentalist and partly performed by her, once again show her lyrical talent. »Our only world is burning«, she laments the state of the world on »I Got the Fear« and asks: »Are we all doomed to fulfil this prophecy?«. On »Happy Man’s Shoes« she marches carefree and proudly towards a declaration of love. Between chaotic guitars and organ sounds, Torres positions herself as a tough artist, unshaken by the world’s heartbreaks, not even the finiteness of life. And despite the repetitive and moody mantras, this vulnerability always comes to the surface, giving the album its melancholic depth. To the question posed on the rocky »Collect«, »Did I hit a nerve?«, the answer is a resounding YES. Driven by winter blues, fear and panic, Torres asks the big questions—sometimes fragile, sometimes provocative or indifferent. »What An Enormous Room« is an emotional rollercoaster and definitely an album with a message.