Ty Segall

Three Bells

Drag City • 2024

Ty Segall is back. The American multi-instrumentalist, who usually releases an album every year, made us wait two years this time. »Three Bells« is his proud fifteenth studio album. But this time Segall doesn’t want to go bigger, he wants to go deeper. He calls it a journey into himself. In the recently released music video for »My Best Friend«, the 36-year-old can be seen with his two short-haired dachshunds. In the previous video, »My Room«, he is shot down one banana at a time. How does it all fit together? The American probably doesn’t care. But what does it prove? The man with the many instruments is too cool for school. Or, he continues to be consistently good at what he does. Tegall’s fans, like his four-legged friends, are loyal companions. As he jazzes his way psychedelically through the scales on four instruments, there is never a dull moment. For fifteen tracks, Ty Segall works his way through his inner self and finally asks: »What can we do?« While his followers argue in Reddit threads about which band Ty Segall copied and vice versa, there is really only one answer to the question: Listen and enjoy.