Naima / Tiers Monde

Stima • 2021

The French disco-boogie scene has been shone brightly in recent years. This ranges from the super hits »Lait de Coco« (by Maya) to the smallest gems that have made their way as reissues to neighbouring countries (Hello from Germany!), as well as to the whole world. The scene, which was anything but homogeneous, but was shaped by the diverse influences that more than a hundred years of colonial history (badly) bring with them, still holds wonderful secrets even after manifold compilations and samplers.Ulysse, the Haitian-French saxophonist, is one such secret that was gladly well-kept by those who knew him before – but is now coming into the well-deserved limelight. Here, in the spotlight of history, the boogie number »Naïma« seems more than well placed. Between openly romantic mood and minstrelsy, snappy eighties instrumentation and considerable coolness, it’s about more than just surface: can the children of war actually learn to love? And if so, how? On the B-side, there is reggae tune, with an off-beat groove and synthetic drums exude charm. To give Vox-haters something to put on, both tracks are also available as instrumentals. This record is definitely not the last thing we will discover from the French Disco Boogie angle, but a glorious proof that it is always worthwhile to explore and dig further.

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