Various Artists

Hidden Waters: Strange And Sublime Sounds Of Rio De Janeiro

Mr Bongo • 2023

First impression: This compilation of found Brazilian music from the sixties and seventies is beautiful. Extremely beautiful in fact. A few things from the Eighties seem to have found their way into the collection. At some point, however, you have to come to the surprising realisation that the titles on »Hidden Waters« are insights into the work of contemporary Brazilian artists. Some of it is semi-traditional, albeit in a country where traditions are diverse. Alongside classic Tropicalismo, there were also some psychedelic offshoots like Os Mutantes. Or Afro-Brazilian styles like Candomblé.  

This abundance feeds the inspiration of Negro Leo, Mari Romano or Thiago Nassif, for example, on whose track »Soar Estranho« Arto Lindsay and Vicinius Cantuária also feature as guests, with borrowings from post-punk and no wave. The further you advance, the more you can hear the present, for example, in the breakbeats from Rosabege. Including reappraisals of bossa nova. It’s astonishing, everywhere you listen. There is absolutely no excuse to ignore the country’s presence. This compilation could help to combat such abuses. And the panorama on »Hidden Waters: Strange And Sublime Sounds Of Rio De Janeiro is »merely« a glimpse of Rio de Janeiro.