Mr Bongo Records

Mr Bongo Records is a record label from Brighton that has been founded by David »Mr Bongo« Buttle in 1989. All began with a record store in London, in Berwick Street directly below Daddy Kool’s reggae store. Actually it was the first, which sold vinyl of independent Hip hop labels like Def Jam, Rawkus, Nervous or Big Beat outside of the USA. Gradually Mr Bongo developed to a provider of rare Latin music. When a special main focus lies on the Brazilian variant, but also reggae, African music and jazz received more and more weight. In 1999 they moved with their offices to Brighton, in 2003 the record stores (meanwhile there was a second one in Shibuya, Japan) closed. In 2004 Mr Bongo Films has been founded where since then – loyal with the philosophie of the company – special films with a particular picture language are made available again to an audience. Besides that also the Mr Bongo Soundsystem has been established, which takes the sound of the record label with its worldwide appearences arond the globe.
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