The Movers

The Movers Volume 1: 1970-1976

Analog Africa • 2022

The 35th release by the Analog Africa label is special in that it does not (re)discover obscure, forgotten musicians as was previously the case, but instead presents »The Movers Volume 1:  1970-1976«, a legendary cult band from South Africa that was enormously successful in the 1970s. With their first album »Crying Guitar«, The Movers became the first Black band in their apartheid-segregated homeland to be played on radio stations aimed at white listeners. Their hit »Soweto Inn«, sung by Sophie Thapedi, became the soundtrack of the student revolts in the mid-seventies. Talent scouts in Johannesburg’s Alexandra township were soon on the lookout for similarly groovy bands. Initially purely instrumental, The Movers went on to find different vocalists for the latter of their more than a dozen albums, but the basis of their songs always remained Mbaqanga (also called Township Jive). This style combined influences from American soul with African musical traditions. Later, this musical palette made up of laid-back guitars, bubbling organs, funky bass lines and driving drums expanded to include facets of jazz, funk, reggae and marabi. These 14 wonderfully groovy songs, which will truly »move« everyone, show The Movers at the peak of their creativity. The fact that the four founding members died in complete anonymity despite their legendary status is therefore just as surprising as it is sad.