Various Artists

Solstice III

Multi Culti • 2023

The label Multi Culti is back with a varied 8-track mini compilation that dresses traditional folklore from Ecuador among others in an electronic sound garment. Brazilian vocals and an Indian sitar are also woven into this multicultural pattern, which can be heard on the tracks »Abra Magia« and »Caravana«. According to the press release, they have taken up the cause of avant-garde folk electronics. Whatever the case, the wind is blowing from afar on this record and will definitely bring a breath of fresh air to the dance floor through the wide range of musical cultures represented on »Solstice III«. 

In particular, »Eclosion« by newcomer Kunturi from Ecuador, found on B1, not only brings Nicola Cruz-like vibes, but also shimmers and hums with more bass-driven repetitive rhythms across the dance floor than you could imagine under the open sky. With their own psychedelic-electronic signature, the tracks from various artists flow through an acid-soaked river that eventually empties into the open sea in the form of extended electronic deep house folklore.