Various Artists

Systems EP 1

Kalahari Oyster Cult • 2020

What makes the label Kalahari Oyster Cult so special can be read in this portrait so there is no need to expand further at this point. From the Rocky Mountains, in Denver, from the label Terraforma, this six-track is now coming to our turntables – the original record became dealer’s gold and was traded excessively. Label boss Colin Volvert dived into the licensing hell again to recover a widely unknown classic. 25 years after its release the record seems to be made for the dancefloors far and wide. The A-side is solely owned by Red Shift, a forgotten rave soul. On »3rd Moon« loose breakbeat is dignifiedly combined with pads from Dreamhausen, the bleeps and bells are ringing weakly, even if courageously, and after the elegiac break an acid line breaks through the cloud cover. »Ei da daus« it calls out of the crowd, because the intoxication corresponds with the 303. The A3 on the other hand results from the migration and shuffles towards indifference at 106 BPM. Hater gonna say: That’s a 90s cliché. Yes, it is, but a damn chilly one. Turn around and look at the B-side critically. Ethers B1 is the finest matrix ware. Chic in a floor-length leather coat with silly sunglasses it won’t be boring this summer with this guitar line. Old people like me can get more out of the B2 and the B3. Slowly stagnating, I’m heading for the ambient floor on Sunday morning. If you don’t sleep much, you can close your eyelids here and at least dream.