Various Artists

The Belgian Soundtrack: A Musical Connection Of Belgium With Cinema 1961-1976

Sdban Ultra • 2023

One film fanatic says to another: Hey, I’ve found something in the attic, can you come over? So the other one comes over and put the worst film on the old projector: They all have soundtracks from the Sixties and Seventies, most of them have never been heard before, my goodness! Well, we have no choice but to listen to all 650 tapes, that’s 29,250 minutes or 78 times the length of the original »Star Wars« trilogy, and make a record out of it. Said, heard, rewound. With »The Belgian Soundtrack: A Musical Connection Of Belgium With Cinema 1961-1976«, Sdban Records is releasing some songs on vinyl that were last played in Belgian XXX films many, many years ago and this have a distant relationship with Belgian cinema. In other words: you might know them, but you don’t have to. Anyway, it has nothing to do with the home movies made today. Perhaps that’s why it’s so sexy — it’s easy to imagine the public display of pubic hair in each of these 16 dripping nudes. And that’s what this is all about: sex without the sex. The early seventies were the heyday of this kind of soft porn, says the trained film enthusiast with a gentle smile. And because you have no idea, you nod dutifully. Just think the equivalent would have been to listen to the soundtrack from the »Star Wars« trilogy 78 times!