Lacrimae Christi

Matrix Music • 1985

I’m not going to lie, I don’t know anything about Yugoslavia. But that’s OK, because neither do you. The history lesson is taking place two classrooms down anyway. Today we’re just going to listen to music. From Yugoslavia. From the eighties. And because there’s always one smart ass in the back row: no, it’s not Laibach. (Close, but no cigar.) So: Videosex. A great name for a band, because it throws us off the scent straight away—we’re supposed to be talking about music, and here they come with this name that sounds like a smutty film? Well, like I said, Laibach had something to do with it. At least one of their producers did though. He didn’t want to be German, so he formed a band with Anja Rupel, a so-called sex symbol (© Yugopapier) and her cocker spaniel (hehe, he said cock!) that sounded like Human League and looked about the same. Rupel wasn’t too happy with the name Videosex, but a woman’s opinion didn’t count for much in those days, so that was that. Videosex recorded an album, and because it sold really well, they recorded a second one: »Lacrimae Christi« made the band famous, because next to the jazz band, the musical mishmash and the synthesizer smorgasbord, there were at least two hit songs for the Balkan disco. You can still back comb your hair to them today. Or read the Wikipedia article on Yugoslavia.