Unknown To The Unknown (Record label)
Unknown To The Unknown is a British record label from London with the focus on genres like bass, jungle and Dubstep. It was founded by DJ Haus in 2011. The DJ and well known producer of Hot City cannot remember exactly when the label Unknown To The Unknown got going. “I created a YouTube Channel and from there everything developed very naturally. In the meanwhile, because of the Youtube channel three record labels were developed; Hot Haus, Hot Shit, In Effekt” explains the Brit. From the beginning, the casual idea to share music with friends excited him. Consequently, he didn’t really develop a defined plan or some kind of label philosophy. “When I have the desire, I can do whatever I want to do” says DJ Haus. Thus, he explains the helter-skelter mesh of acts like the hardware, shamanistic Legowelt mixed with a militant electro giant DJ Stingray, DJ Haus’ own party slammers and numerous wacky House-EPs from unknown acts to those the label’s founder has a special place in his heart for such as Palace, Angry Frogs and Dj Octopus. “Weird ass shit” exactly hits the nail on the head. The release strategy of Unknown to Unknown seems similarly unstructured; it’s all about the distribution of records on Vinyl or online via Bandcamp, Youtube and Soundcloud. No concept can also mean a concept “HOUSE MUSIC ALL NITE LONG.” That says it all, pretty much.
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Igor Tipura
Igor Tipora has appeared out of nowhere and puts you on your couch with goosebumps. It took a Philip Lauer to make Tipura’s debut »Dwams« become the uber-hit it is.
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